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Why should u choose FRP / EFR bodykits?

FRP and EFR composite parts are fabricated using thermosetting resins. On the contrary, PU and ABS parts are manufactured utilizing thermoplastic resins. The properties of thermoplastics are greatly affected by temperature. Shoddy manufacturing processes utilizing thermoplastics can create parts that are highly susceptible to susceptible to warping, even under normal environmental conditions.

 FRP and EFR composite parts are readily repaired. PU and ABS parts are almost impossible to repair using conventional methods

FRP and EFR parts, as a result of the glass reinforcement, have a higher strength to weight ratio. The end result is significantly stronger (even FRP matches all but the most advanced and expensive metals in specific strength, and comfortably puts any conventional metal to shame), lighter (approximately equaling the weight of magnesium) and more durable parts.

FRP and EFR parts, as a result of the resins utilized, are extremely resilient. They exhibit excellent moisture and temperature resistance. At the same time, they possess excellent anti-corrosion characteristics customarily found in exclusive, pricey plastics.